Anywhere365 Platform

Anywhere365 Platform

Anywhere365 Dialogue Management Software & Compliance


Compliance, or the ability to act according to regulations set by external organizations, nowadays is affecting all areas of business. Anywhere365 helps organizations to comply with the following regulations:

  1. PCI – The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is developed by a consortium of credit card companies. Its aim is to secure credit card transactions by ongoing development, enhancement, storage, dissemination and implementation of security standards for account data protection. Anyone offering their customer to pay by credit card has to be PCI compliant.
  2. MiFID II – EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive aims at making financial markets in the European Union (EU) more robust and transparent. It creates a new legal framework that better regulates trading activities on financial markets and enhances investor protection. The new rules, called ‘MiFID 2’, revise the legislation currently in place and will apply from January 2018.
  3. GDPR – EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR aims to harmonize data protection laws across the EU when it comes into force in May 2018. Superseding national data protection laws it will apply to every organization in the world that does business with EU residents.

Our standard solution already enables compliance with all of these regulations, and due to adaptability of our software and our agile development process we are able to quickly incorporate additional requirements when needed. This article describes our standard solutions.

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Anywhere365 receives nominations for Best UC & Contact Center project 2016


The fasted way to win an award is to deploy an Anywhere365 platform. It seems like it anyway. We are extremely proud that 3 of our partners are nominated for ‘Best UC project’ and ‘Best Contact Center project’ at the Dutch Telecom Inspirience Awards.

The goal of the Telecom Inspirience Awards is to recognize the best cases of business partners in the market. The nominated cases also serve as inspiration to other partners in the business channel. The customer cases are reviewed by a wide independent jury of experts.

Nominated Anywhere365 cases:

Customer:        NIBC

  • Branche:          Finance
  • Partner:            Vodafone
  • Business case:   Insouring of contactcenter, adding multi channel and CRM based routing

 Customer:        Corendon

  • Branche:          Airline & Holiday
  • Partner:            Ask Roger!
  • Business case:   Contact center replacement adding mobile chat, voice, video and co-browsing

 Customer:        Timeos

  • Branche:          Pension Implementation
  • Partner:            WinVision
  • Business case:   Bringing omni channel UC to the workspace.

3 of 3 entries were awarded with a nomination. Our partners have deployed more great projects past year. We are wondering what would have happened if more Anywhere365 projects would have entered the competition.

Best of luck for Vodafone, Ask Roger! and WinVision in the Award show on November 16th.

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Anywhere365 Platform

Anywhere365 for Skype Platform Training

We didn’t believe that adopting features from existing contact center solutions was the proper way to innovate. A different mindset is needed to design a dialogue engagement system for corporations that bring real value to your business, your users, employees and customers. The future of Dialogue Management and our Contact Center Role Model approach is full of possibilities; we challenge you to envision your own system and we promise that we will be able to deliver almost all required features out of the box.  Please sit down, relax, clean your brain and start Rethink Contact Center.

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Anywhere365 Platform

Upgrade your Business Card to a Business Communication Card


Upgrade your Business Card to a Business Communication Card? At WORKSTREAMPEOPLE, our business cards have an embedded NFC chip or QR code that allows you to reach me by simply tapping your NFC/QR mobile to the card. Based on Skype, Anywhere365 shows you if I’m away (red) or available (green), but also allows my assistant or even team to take over my presence if required. I’m my own contact center now! With integrated webchat you can chat with me or start a click2call. Rethink! Drop me a line and I’ll send you my Business Communication Card

Go to ContactCard

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Anywhere365 Platform

Reception Attendant


WORKSTREAMPEOPLE has designed an innovative Dialogue Management Platform, built within the Microsoft ecosystem of products that unifies and integrates all channels of communications (inbound and outbound) for an organization. Legacy systems that rely solely on PBX based phone communications with a separate system to manage electronic communications, do not longer satisfy the requirements of the current generation of users.

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